Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford 3.5 stars. Review may contain some spoilers for the first book.

A good follow up to Sinner's Gin, the presumed dead Damien is the focus of this story. When we left Damien, he was being held in a mental institution and doubting his existence. This book picks up where we left off, and after fleeing the institution, Damien sets off to find his best friend Miki. The problem is he is still suffering memory loss and is not sure where to find him (although, a plot problem I had was that it should have been easier considering the press Miki got in the first book). While busking in front of Finnegan's bar, Damien meets the owner, Sionn, who is immediately attracted to him. The attraction goes both ways and soon the two are sharing coffee each morning and developing a friendship. When someone comes after Damien in front of the pub, and Sionn saves him, Damien eventually has to come clean about his past. While Damien and Sionn are the focus, Miki and Kane play a big part in this book, and the Morgan clan is back in full force.

This storyline of this book fell just a little flat for me compared to the first one with some plot issues that just nagged at me. While Damien and Sionn make a great couple, I found that Sionn's past was talked around, but never really fleshed out. I kept wondering exactly what happened in Europe and what the fallout was. Also, I'm not sure how Sionn missed that Kane's musician boyfriend was Damien's Miki since we know everything that happened in the first book was highly publicized.

There were a few high points for me, including the reunion between Miki and Damian, Donal Morgan working his magic with Damien and getting some POV from Parker, one of the most sadistic bad guys I have read in a long time. Again, Rhys Ford leaves us with a teaser for what is to come and as with the last one, it was quite a surprise.