Isle of Wishes - Sue  Brown 3.5 stars.

In this sequel to [b:The Isle of... Where?|14779553|The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1)|Sue Brown||20432602] the focus is on Sam's brother Paul, an openly bi-sexual police officer, and the American detective Olaf Skandik. The two meet in the States when Liam disappears and Sam and Paul fly out to Wisconsin to try to find out what happened to him. That situation is quickly sorted out, but the sparks fly between the closeted Olaf and the out and proud Paul.

It was good to catch up with Sam and Liam, about 3 years after the first book, they are now planning their wedding and Liam is finalizing his move to the Island. I enjoyed the chemistry between Paul and Olaf, and we know from the first book that the Owens men fall fast, but I found the relationship to be a little too rushed. Neither men were ever up for a commitment, but after spending a few days together they are basically exclusive (but not insta-love) even though they are an ocean apart. Regardless it was fun seeing the Owens family again and their immediate all-encompassing acceptance of Olaf. Sam and Liam's wedding scene was beautiful. I also enjoyed the way Sue Brown allowed Olaf and Paul to experience a bit of life in both the US and the UK.

As other reviewers have mentioned the book ends without a final decision on what Olaf and Paul are going to do, but it was pretty well hinted at what will happen. Guess we'll just have to find out when the next one comes out.