Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Sorry that I have to give you three stars. I still love the obsessive, co-dependent, crazy non-stop sex relationship. Gideon is still so f'ed up and Eva is not as annoying most of the time.

HOWEVER, the plot was just setting up new threads for the rest of the trilogy next 2 or 3 books. Most of it was who cares. I wanted to get more into Gideon's head and his past and kind of finish that up. I didn't want to dwell on things that ended in the last book. Eva's mother is annoying, the ex/rock star should be a non-issue. I didn't even feel the emotion when they got married.

Overall it was disappointing. The sex is still super hot and I love Gideon as much as always, but glad I got this from the library.