College Boys - Daisy Harris College Boys is a sweet love story between out and proud Peter and jock Chris. Peter and Chris first met when they shared a tent on a camping trip at the beginning of their junior year, when Chris transferred into the school. Chris has been unable to forget waking up spooned up against Peter’s back with an obvious arousal and Peter has had a crush on straight guy Chris ever since.

Following the death of Chris’s mother, he moves out of his dorm that he shared with others on the soccer team, into a single room that shares the wall with Peter’s room. Since the two rooms used to be a double that has since been divided the separating wall is very thin and Peter hears Chris crying one night. The two begin to talk each night through the wall and become fast friends. Chris soon begins to struggle with his attraction to Peter and question his sexuality. After one night of drinking Chris shows up at Peter’s door Chris’ attraction becomes very clear and although Peter sends him away, they share an intimate moment through the shared wall, which soon leads to another.

I liked the way the author handled Chris’s internal struggle with his feelings for Peter and their growing relationship without over the top angst. The two fumble their way through the beginning of their relationship with minimal outside interference. Peter is understanding of Chris’s situation, and Chris is respectful of Peter’s out and proud status. I also enjoyed how the sex scenes were emotional as well as sexy (it was nice to see that Chris and Peter didn’t go from virgin to porn star the first time they had sex).

This was a well written, romantic coming out story. While the ending tied up a little too tidy, this was a quick read and it did not detract from the sweet story.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.