Apple Polisher  - Heidi Belleau 4 stars.

School teacher in training by day, purveyor of porn by night, Christian Blake needs to figure out if the one thing he always wanted from life is worth changing who he is.

By all outward appearances, he makes the perfect teacher in training with his buttoned up clothes, doesn’t drink, swear or smoke, and sex is off the table as he steps back into the closet all for the sake of appearances. Underneath all of that, however, Christian is a hot mess. When his Aunt is stricken with ovarian cancer, and unable to continue funding his education, he moves into a room in a house with four other roommates. All of them seem welcoming except perhaps for Max who, based upon his bad boy looks, apparent lack of steady employment and sudden occasional pockets full of cash, Christian thinks may be a drug dealer. Christian, however, cannot deny his attraction to Max and soon their rocky relationship has Christian questioning whether he has his priorities straight.

His relationship with Max is just one thing that has turned Christian’s life upside down. When his Aunt can no longer work at her porn store, Rear Entrance Video, Christian steps in to try to save the store even though it could potentially result in dismissal from the teaching program. Driving himself to exhaustion dealing with thieving employees, a full-time school schedule, the declining health of his Aunt, and keeping it all a secret, Christian takes out his frustrations on Max, who it turns out has a few secrets of his own.

The story is told solely from Christian’s perspective, and we are really given a good look at what drives him to make the decisions he believes are in the best interest of his future career. Having been abandoned and labeled a deviant by his mother when she finds out he is gay has a lot to do with his ability to lock down who he really is in order to project the image of the straight laced teacher. Max is a saving grace for Christian. Max is the only person he feels comfortable talking to and gives him the support and advice he so desperately needs, yet Christian still has trouble being honest about and accepting their relationship.

Heidi Belleau deals well with Christian’s internal struggles and the real problems he is facing. I enjoyed the interplay of Christian and Max, and when the two get down to business it was definitely hot. The secondary characters in this book, from the roommates to the store’s customers, are well written and add to the story. This being the first book in the series, I look forward to getting more in depth stories of the other roommates.

A copy of this book was provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.