Handle with Care - Josephine Myles This is the story of 33 y/o Ben and 20 y/o Ollie. When we meet Ben he is working from home suffering from the effects of kidney failure and diabetes and hoping to receive a kidney and pancreas transplant. He rarely leaves the house and relies on his almost daily deliveries of gay porn DVD's to keep him entertained, with the bonus of seeing the delivery boy, Ollie, with the purple hair, tattoos and beautiful smile. Ollie always exchanges pleasantries with Ben while Ben secretly lusts after him. As things progress, Ben is surprised to find out that Ollie is not bothered by his condition and actually seems to be a bit thrilled by his scars. However, Ben has trouble believing that Ollie would ever want to stay with him and we come to find out that Ollie has been taken advantage of as a teenager by another older man.

This story was a good read, but I was never completely drawn into the relationship. I liked both Ollie and Ben, but they both acted childishly more often then not. It also seemed like some complex issues that were brought up were resolved too easily or glossed over. I would have liked to see a little more development of the two characters.