Making it Personal - K.C. Wells I have yet to meet a KC Wells book that hasn't just drawn me in from the start and this one is no exception.

Blake, the closeted CEO of Trinity publishing is turning 30. Although he is successfully raising the profile of Trinity, only the people who work there are aware of it. The outside world still believes his father is running the company. The same father who keeps trying to set him up with various women, the latest of which is the daughter of his father's friend and quite the bitch.

As a present to himself, he hires himself an escort for the evening. "Alec" shows up and Blake has the night of his life with the man and is left wanting more. The last thing he expected the next day when Will Parkinson shows up to interview for the position of his PA is to be confronted with "Alec". Blake's already complicated life is about to be turned upside down. Add in a cast of well written secondary characters and I couldn't put this one down.

Of course with KC Wells you are going to get sizzling chemistry and super hot sex scenes, but also characters with depth and conflicts that leave your heart aching. This also contains one of my favorite give the bitch what she deserves scenes and an epilogue that cements the HEA.