Talker - Amy Lane This review is for the 3 books in the Talker series as they are all make up the story. If I was to rate them individually I would give the first two 4 stars and the third one 3.

The story of Brian and Tate/Talker is an emotional roller coaster. Tate's horror show of a childhood has left him scarred, but optimistic and looking for love. When Brian meets Tate in college on a bus to their track meet, he instantly finds a friend and is able to look beyond the veneer Tate has created to keep people from looking too closely at who he really is.

Throughout the story we see Brian coming to terms with feelings for Tate that go beyond friendship, Tate making very bad choices while desperately looking for love, and the consequences that violently come back to haunt both men. The Amy Lane angst is in full force here and you will need the tissues.

The first book is mainly Brian's POV while the last two are Tate's. I found the third book to be a bit rushed as far as giving them the happy ending they so deserve and also found the narrative with the time jumps to be a bit choppy. After all the struggling it would have been nice to be able to spend some time with the two settling into a peaceful life.