Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan <4.5 hot stars.</b>

Under all the hot kinky sex, Nowhere Ranch is really a beautiful love story between the younger, Roe and his boss and ranch owner Travis Loving. The two start out looking for nothing more than release. Roe has such low self esteem due to his family's hatred of his lifestyle, he doesn't see himself deserving of a loving relationship. Travis just wants someone who can handle his kinks.

Their relationship does not grow easily, but the path is full of emotional moments that had me both laughing and crying. Haley was a breath of fresh air and a great, pushy friend to Roe. However, by the end, she was totally over the top. The ending is the one negative I found in this book. I found her ambushing Roe and Travis about adopting her baby right after it was born to be ridiculous. I also found the "reconciliation" of Roe and his family a bit strange too. The ending was just too far off of the tone of the rest of the book to sit well with me.

As for the sex, it is definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea. There are some hardcore scenes, and there is a lot of it, but even if you go into it skimming those, it is an excellent read.