A Strong Hand - Catt Ford This is my first book by Catt Ford and I really enjoyed the coupling of Nick and Damian.

Damian is an experienced Top and well known erotic photographer who has chosen not to participate in the scene for the last 5 years, although we are never really given an explanation why other than the subs were annoying him. Nick, is about 10 years younger (as we are often reminded), working his way through his last year of college as an art major and has never been attracted to another man or the BDSM lifestyle until Damian. During a shoot for a catalog for Damian's friend Ashley, featuring BDSM equipment and clothing, Nick acts as a model and Damian notices Nick's interest and submissive nature. It was nice to see Damian as a Top who really enjoys the "play" aspect of his lifestyle. He is not into humiliating or causing his subs pain, but he enjoys getting their submission. This works out well as an introduction to the lifestyle for Nick.

Where the storyline began to lose me was that the relationship tension is based upon both men not speaking up to each other and discussing what they want. Damian feeling that Nick is too young and once he gets a taste for things will move on and Nick feeling that he is too inexperienced and not good enough for Damian. After a while, it got to the point where it was too repetitive, Damian freaking out after each scene and freezing out Nick. Another problem I had was the writing style. The POV's sometimes changed from paragraph to paragraph without any warning or indication to the point where I would have to go back and re-read once I determined whose head I was in. There was also overuse of the terms older and younger man.

Overall, though, the story between the two MC's was very sweet, and the secondary characters were entertaining. I would have enjoyed more of an exploration of why Damian chose to spend the last 5 years celibate and Nick's feelings as he went from vanilla, het college boy to embracing a lifestyle of gay submissive.