Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown 3.5 stars.

In theory this book hit so many of my buttons, but the ending left me frustrated. This is a long read that covers 7 years in the lives of Andrew, Nathan and their families.

Andrew has a wife and son and an arrangement. He is gay and his wife knows and accepts that. They live their life in a way that has worked for them for 10 years. When Nathan and his very pregnant wife move into the neighborhood, Andrew and Nathan instantly click, but Andrew must remind himself not to fall for the straight, married, Nathan, who is also his son's new teacher. Eventually one thing leads to another and the story becomes an epic soap opera of love, lust, friendship, family drama and lies.

Through these 7 years, there is never a question that the two will always love each other. Andrew really has had a difficult past and is put through the wringer in this book. I really felt for him and was happy that he had so much support from his wife and friends. Nathan's issues are mostly of his own making, however. What frustrated me most is that at the end left me more with a HFN feeling rather than HEA. When it all ended, I never felt comfortable that Nathan would not just up and leave Andrew it seemed he didn't really ever decide of his own volition to finally leave his wife and only did so when he was basically forced to and in the epilogue Nathan's ex-wife and new husband are moving out of the country for at least two years with his kids.

If you love angst and soap opera like plot lines, this is definitely a book for you.