Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell This was my first Rowan Speedwell book and I enjoyed the story and writing.

Joshua is an FBI agent that has just come out of 3 years in deep cover with a violent gang that left him severely damaged both physically and mentally. He agrees to go to his uncle's ranch to recover and learn the business. Eli is the ranch foreman and a talented horse trainer who immediately sees something in Josh.

The romance is a slow burn and Josh has a lot of issues in the way. I was glad to see the plot did not go completely in a way I expected. The secondary characters were all well written and I did feel all the emotions the MC's were being put through. One thing bothering me though is that I wish I would have had a bit more time with Josh and Eli together as a couple outside of just the chemistry drawing them in.

Not sure if there are plans for a follow up since the ending left it open for more without all the threads being tied up neatly.