The Broken Triangle - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow This was very different in tone and content from the first book [b:The Square Peg|15785309|The Square Peg|Jane Davitt||21503714]. Right up front it is not BDSM and despite the title and cover no M/M/M relationship.

The Broken Triangle picks up where The Square Peg left off. The man Vin has pined after for the past 5 years shows up at Vin's bar seemingly out of nowhere. Although the two never had more than a passing acquaintance in High School, Vin has always considered Riley the only man for him. He even had Riley's initials worked into a tattoo and has chosen not to date and remain celibate. Now Vin is seemingly living out his dream with Riley.

Vin's best friend and co-worker Patrick, who is the complete opposite of celibate, wants his friend to be happy, but sees trouble with what Vin wants to be a HEA. Not only that, he has realized that his love for Vin goes beyond just friends. While he will support anything to make Vin happy, and will not undermine the relationship, he can't help but hope Vin will wake from his dream and open his eyes to what is right in front of him.

The book switches POV's between the serene Vin, and all over the place Patrick (who is not so much the man he puts out for all the world to see). We also get a bit of Shane and Ben but this is really Vin and Patrick's story. I enjoyed the route the authors took, and the characters they created. It can be read as a standalone, but as there are references to prior events that have a bearing on this story, it has more meaning if read after The Square Peg.