Safeword (Power Exchange, #2) - A.J.  Rose 4.5 stars A great follow-up to [b:Power Exchange|15982578|Power Exchange (Power Exchange, #1)|A.J. Rose||21735831].

One year after being tortured by the Breath Play Killer, Ben and Gavin are struggling to get the dynamics of their D/s relationship back on track. Both men are blaming themselves for their perceived failures leading up to and following that ordeal, and while there is no doubt about their love, there is question as to whether Gavin will ever be able to submit to Ben and whether Ben will be able to push Gavin's limits to give him what he needs. When the word "thunder" was said, more than once, it broke my heart. Oh, and if all that was not enough, there is someone out there killing cops and, of course, Gavin is on their radar.

A.J. Rose has again written a gripping mystery/procedural that complements the relationship story and his secondary characters are all well written. Myah and Gavin's partnership is as solid as ever, even though there are still those on the force that will not accept Gavin.

While this book can certainly act as a satisfying end to Ben and Gavin's story, I am hoping to see more of them in the future.