Kieran & Drew - L.A. Gilbert This was a solid YA/NA coming of age story with just the right amount of angst. Kieran and Drew are high school seniors living in a small town in Florida. Drew is a jock and Kieran is the class "freak". Both have family issues that are playing a key role in their after graduation plans. When Drew discovers that Kieran has a crush on him, he decides to get to know him better.

Of course, this is high school and neither boy is "out", so the relationship is going to suffer. While the plot is nothing new in the YA/NA universe, I really was drawn in by both the characters, especially Kieran. The two main characters are very sweet together and you could feel the emotion the author was trying to put out there. My heart broke for Kieran an the loneliness/rejection he felt even from his own father.

A well done coming of age story wrapped up with a sweet HEA.