The Round House - Louise Erdrich The writing style put me off early on in this book as well as the lack of quotation marks (a "quirk" I have not come across before and really did not like). Getting used to the dialogue flow as the narrator recalled conversations, having to go back and re-read once I realized that several people were involved in a conversation (without quotation marks) really took me out of the story from the beginning. I found myself skimming through a lot of parts as the narrative started to ramble.

There were a lot of story threads and none of them seemed to flesh out as well as they should have, giving the plot a schizophrenic feel. Is it a coming of age story ( a better one would be Stephen King's [b:The Body|11574|The Body|Stephen King||2334601], a mystery/procedural, Catholicism vs. Indian ritual and customs, an indictment of the competing federal/state/tribal justice system issues? The book just failed to grab me as these plot lines were spread too thin.