Sole Support - Kaje Harper Kaje Harper is an auto-buy for me. The characters in her contemporary books are always so real, I never have trouble relating to or believing, them and their circumstances. Kellen and Mike are no exception.

Mike is a socially awkward nerd. In his thirties, with a good job, he finds himself living with his sister and her husband. He doesn't date, and his only outside relationships are those he creates online discussing books. After having chatted for a while with Kellen, he reluctantly agrees to meet face to face.

Kellen is a struggling writer, looking to publish his first novel. He doesn't do relationships, but has a string of casual flings and hook-ups to fall back on. He grew up learning not to depend on others, after watching his mother adapt to life after his father's death when he was a child. The financial strain of not working a steady job and his realization that his mother's health and ability to function on her own are steadily declining only adds to his resolve that he cannot allow anyone to get any closer to him than friends with benefits.

After a first meeting leads to a first date, we soon see Kellen's resolve become shaky. As Mike's desire for a deeper relationship grows, Kellen begins to feel the need to keep Mike more at arm's length, even though for the first time in his life, he might not really want to, especially as his mother's health rapidly declines.

This book brought tears to my eyes and had me rooting for Mike and Kellen throughout. Wonderful secondary characters and excellent writing make this another keeper from Ms. Harper.