After the Sunset - Mary Calmes Enjoyed this sequel, but lost a star just because Stef and Rand are in two different locations from each other for much of the book.

This book covers a lot of ground with Stef off to the rodeo in Rand's absence to save grazing rights to a piece of their land. The two have come far in the two years they have been together, but Stef is still expecting Rand to lose interest and tell him to leave.

The plot revolves around drama from Rand's past and his extended family. I liked that Rand has no problems telling Stef exactly what he sees for their future. Despite some people not accepting Stef living with Rand, they have created a good life for themselves and those that live and work with them at the ranch.

As in Timing, the chemistry between the two is smoking, and their devotion to each other above all else is clear. Would love to see more of their story.