Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris 2.5 stars
Yes I actually read the book before writing this review and managed to miss all the spoilers in the Twitterverse. Was it a great book? No. Was it better than the last few? Not really. The series should have ended several books earlier, but if you have read the rest of the series, go ahead and spend the few hours it takes to read this, but don't expect much.

Basically this book was a weak story placing Sookie in danger, so we could have cameo appearances by almost everyone who ever met her and lived to tell over the 2 years the series storyline has taken place. We are given a brief status of their life since we last saw them and then they leave. There are some surprise appearances by people I really had no recollection of and some I had forgotten were still alive, as well as appearances by those we expect to see such as Quinn and Alcide, although there really was no reason for any of them to be there.

One thing that mattered to me, that the book lacked, was enough actual face time and conversation between Sookie and Eric. Eric seems the one character who has acted true to his nature during this story. While most know where the relationship needed to go and was destined to end up based on the last couple of books, it was not a satisfying part of the story. The ending was pretty much what I expected otherwise.

If you don't want to read the book and haven't seen the spoilers yet then here you go Eric, telling Sookie never to doubt his feelings for her, divorces Sookie to marry Freyda but leaves Sookie protected from vamps even though Sookie refuses his offer of being his kept woman; Eric tries coercing Sam into not "courting" her as a condition of paying Sookie's bail when she is arrested for the murder of Arlene; Pam will be the new Sheriff; Sookie starts her relationship with Sam. The End.