Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English Mystery, #4) - Josh Lanyon By the time I was 12% through this book I thought I could not hate any character more than I hated Jake Riordan. By about 35% the unthinkable happened and the ice around my heart began to crack just a little, but the ending of the book just floored me and finally put Jake on the fast track to redemption. It felt like everything came together in this book and the emotions felt real. We get to see a different side of both Adrien and Jake. Definitely my favorite of the series so far.

Potential book/series spoilers ahead:

Two years have passed since Adrien had last been involved in a murder investigation and since he had last seen or spoken to his ex-lover Jake. He has settled into a relationship with Guy and is expanding his bookstore. As all good things do, this period came to an end with the death of a potential backer for the film adaptation of Adrien's first novel. Of course, the death occurred while the man was sitting next to Adrien in a room full of Hollywood types that will potentially be involved in the project, and guess who shows up to investigate. Jake is now married and a Lieutenant in the LAPD. It is quickly apparent to Adrien that he is not the only one in the room who "knows" Jake. Actor Paul Kane's connection to Jake and the murder victim gets the ball rolling for Adrien to get back into the sleuthing business.

In the two years that have passed Adrien's health has declined, Jake is still locked in the closet and it appears that the time he has spent living his "normal" life has not been what he had hoped it would be. We learn that Adrien's backbone has made a showing finally and that although Jake attempted to contact him for about a year, Adrien resisted. While the mystery was not that complex, it provided an interesting way to get Jake and Adrien back working together and required Jake to face some serious issues regarding his life an career.

It was nice to see Adrien finally speaking up for himself to both Jake and his meddling family. What I really liked was that we finally got to hear some of Jake's side of things. Up until this point other than a few random comments or actions, Jake's feelings toward his relationship with Adrien had not been very clear. My feelings toward Jake's character definitely eased up a bit the more he interacted with Adrien.

Looking forward to what Josh Lanyon has in store for the next book after the emotion packed ending of this one.