Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell This is the second book I have read by this author and I did enjoy [b:Regularly Scheduled Life|5820384|Regularly Scheduled Life (Ohio Books, #1)|K.A. Mitchell||5992398]. In this book however, I just could not really care about the relationship between Joey and Aaron.

To me, Aaron never stopped being an a-hole and never stopped treating Joey like a random hook up. Joey I had less of a problem with but he still didn't grab me. He kept being described as a manipulator, though I never saw that. He told Aaron he wouldn't stand for being treated like crap, yet he allowed it throughout the book. I had a hard time remembering that these were two 30 year old men and not a couple of kids with the way they acted.

I had no problem with the writing and would read another title by the author, this was just a miss for me.