Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) - Olivia Cunning Sinners book #3 (really book #5 as the author intended)Trey's book is the one I really was looking forward too. Let's just get the complaining about the publisher printing these out of order therefore having mild spoilers in this book about what happens in the 2 that haven't been published yet.

Trey has been breaking my heart since book 1 with his unrequited love for best friend and bandmate Brian. Trey meets Reagan, the new guitarist for his brother's band and is instantly attracted to her, so much so he swears off men. The big problem with that is Reagan's bisexual/ex-boyfriend/roommate/bodyguard Ethan. Usually the threesome relationship doesn't work for me in books, but I really liked all three of these characters together. Of course, this wouldn't be a Sinners book without a lot of hot sex and Double Time has a little bit of everything, M-F, M-M and M-M-F.

Looking forward to the other 2 Sinners book and hoping Dare gets his own story too.