Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run, #6) - Abigail Roux I usually find myself losing patience with a long series of books, but this series keeps getting better and better.

Ty & Zane are by far my favorite fictional couple. Each book has their relationship maturing and the layers of past damage being peeled away, if not completely dealt with. In this book we finally get to meet Zane's family and get a good look at where a lot of Zane's emotional damage came from.

As usual, suspend disbelief for the "case" they are working on, but really that is just the machine to put these two together. The real heart of these books is always Zane & Ty's personal and professional relationship, especially those times when they can be "out". And nothing is better right now than when they are openly and honestly telling each other how important the other is in their lives.

I've read the entire 6 books in under 2 weeks and look forward to the re-read before the the release of Touch & Geaux.