Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I am giving this one 5 stars because Goodreads won't let me give it more. The best of the series so far.

Ty & Zane are back and settling into their partnership in Baltimore as well as their personal relationship. They are ready to get back into the field and have their first assignment - 2 weeks on a cruise ship to gather information on a group of antiquities thieves who are going to be meeting during the cruise. The catch? Their undercover assignment requires them to impersonate an out and proud married gay couple (Zane being the brains and Ty, of course, the eye candy). With little information about the people involved and the situation what can go wrong?

Ty & Zane find themselves enjoying the ability to be openly together but the line is blurring between their UC personas and their real feelings. There is plenty of couple time in this one and the guys are forced to face emotions they definitely weren't ready to.

Can't say enough about this one. Go read it!!