Crash - Nicole  Williams Considering I did not like Beautiful Disaster and this book seems to be compared to it a lot, I was hesitant to read it. This book won me over though. Even though the situations in the book were somewhat over the top and unrealistic, I was really pulling for the relationship between Jude and Lucy and I really enjoyed the twist (although not to spoil anything, when I hit 91% I could not get over the horrible thing he said to her in her room). Overall, it was a good story and I look forward to reading the next book.

That being said, the only part of the book that really annoyed me was the end. I am assuming Lucy actually is at Julliard, but was confused when she and her roommate were taking a short drive to Syracuse. If the they are driving from NYC to Syracuse University, that is going to take about 5 hours. This makes the conversation at the party very confusing. He talks about being at Syracuse for her and that if Julliard had a football team he'd be there, but then he tells her they can be in bed together every night. Who is actually going to be commuting 10 hrs a day here? I know it is a minor nitpick but it obviously really annoyed me.