Countermeasure (Countermeasure, #1) - Chris Almeida,  Cecilia Aubrey 3.5 Stars.

I downloaded this as a Kindle freebie and overall, I liked this book. I found the first 30% to be a bit slow. I understand the need for the story set up but it just seemed to drag a little. Once the H/h finally teamed up I liked it a lot.

The second half of the book was very good. Lots of action and the developing relationship between sexy geek Trevor and determined former CIA agent Cassandra kept me reading. The two make a good team and I wished there was more of them earlier on. Enjoyed the banter between the two and hope there will be more to come in future installments.

While it is the first of a series it can stand alone as it does wrap up the main storyline while setting up the continuation underlying, unresolved plot.