Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris 1.5 Stars.

There are so many spot on reviews of this book here already. If I hadn't invested so much time in the series and hadn't known that the next book is the last, I would probably not have gotten through this book the first half was so boring.

Everything that I loved about this series is gone. The main character is now a bitchy, whiny, self-absorbed child. The romance, gone. The fun banter between characters, gone. The sex, long gone. The characters we have been with for 11 books are just abruptly changed. I just don't know what has happened. It's almost as if Ms. Harris just has to fill an obligation for 13 books and really doesn't care what the content is.

This book was a major disappointment. While I probably was supposed to be shocked at and care about the resolution of the murder mystery I was just happy (maybe jealous) that someone was put out of the misery of what appears to be life in Bon Temps for the last 2 books.

Will I read the last book? Sure, at least I will skim it. But I hold very little hope for enjoyment. I am glad I got this one from the library and didn't waste my money.