Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley 3.5 stars. I had to deduct a 1/2 star for the purely personal reason that the "Daddy" nickname was a big turn off for me. That being said, I LOVE KA's books. I discovered them late last year and read straight through most of them only taking a break when Fifty Freed was released. Therefore, I was very excited to read Knight.

I have to say I just did not connect with Knight and Anya. I had no problem with the characters on their own, but just could not get invested in their romance. Maybe if it had been in the usual KA longer form and had more development it would have been different. This (and the aforementioned "Daddy" issue) is also probably why I didn't find the sex scenes as hot as those in her other books.

I would definitely read the next in the series since I think she can succeed in writing a darker series like this. I just didn't feel it with this one.

On that note, have to say, I can't wait for Motorcycle Man!