Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire I know the majority of readers LOVE this book. As a not so young adult, who as a young adult was in a controlling abusive relationship, I had big problems with the relationship in this book being sold to young girls as beautiful. I should also say that when I read Twilight I also couldn't help but think of Edward as bad boyfriend material not for the vampire angle but from the controlling/stalker angle.

This is a book about a dysfunctional/abusive relationship between 2 college students. Travis is controlling and violent in his "love". How he does not end up arrested at least several times is beyond me. Yes, it is an emotional read and I know there are people that thrive on these kinds of relationships. While I did enjoy the story and the author's writing, I just couldn't root for these two to stay together. I wanted Pidge to find some strength to get out.

I did enjoy the read and would recommend it to a more adult audience, definitely not for teens to romanticize this type of dynamic between two people who "love" each other.