Meet Me in the Middle - L.A. Witt The 3rd book in the Distance Between Us series works as well as a standalone, although you may be initially confused with the mass introduction to the secondary couples.

Dale is debating whether to attend his 20th high school reunion. The big issue is Adam, his best friend from high school. Dale had always had a crush on his presumably straight best friend and on the night of graduation Dale and Adam hooked up. The next time Dale saw Adam at their 10 year reunion, they got together again and things did not go well afterwards. Deciding not to let Adam control the situation, Dale attends with the intent to not let anything happen if Adam is there. Of course Adam is there, looking better than ever, and immediately approaches Dale. One thing leads to another and we get their story as they try to navigate rebuilding their friendship.

Dale's feelings of abandonment and resentment towards Adam were painful and really made me take an initial dislike towards Adam. It takes a while for us to get any real feeling for Adam's situation. A lot of the book revolves around their occasional meet ups (including a wild Vegas bachelor party for Alex and Kieran) and Dale trying to sort out his feelings and what he believes Adam wants from him. The two have smoking chemistry but between a long distance relationship and their history, Dale has to wonder if he can ever be more than friends with the man he has pined over for 20 years.

It was nice catching up with Rhett & Ethan and Kieran & Alex. Dale is a likable character and eventually Adam gets his head together in remarkable fashion.