Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Shame on me, allowing myself to be lulled into the HEA that was Stars & Stripes. Enjoying the honeymoon and forgetting all the underlying emotions and the fragile bonds that Ty & Zane forged their relationship on in the early books. Sure they both have their secrets, but for the most part it seemed they were willing to push those under the rug and so was I. I was not prepared for what Abigail Roux dished out in Touch & Geaux.

This was easily the darkest, most emotional and heartbreaking installment in the Cut & Run series. I really did not know what to expect from one moment to the next as Ty and Zane's pasts came back to haunt them and as secrets and betrayals were revealed that ripped at the very core of the relationship that has come so far in the prior 6 books.

We are treated to flashbacks of Ty and Zane before they met each other, references and callbacks to threads laid out in the prior installments and Team Sidewinder is front and center for the action in this book. Although there are a lot of heavier emotional scenes, there are still those fun and sexy moments when Ty and Zane are alone together.

It is amazing how the series gets better with each book. If fans thought the wait for T&G was long, after what was laid out in the ending scene the wait for book 8 will seem like an eternity.