The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1) - Sue  Brown This was between a 3.5 to 4 star read for me.

Usually insta-love and overly meddling families will turn me off of a book, however Sam is such a lovable character, his tendency to love at first sight just added to his sweetness. Liam is devastated at the death of his best friend and is having difficulty saying his final goodbye and spreading Alex's ashes as he was requested. This is where they meet and Sam admits to having stalked Liam since he spotted him on the train. Sam takes care of Liam that day and before he knows it, Liam is being introduced to Sam's family.

The majority of the book takes place over the week before Liam must return to the US and is completely character driven. I would have liked a little more of the actual relationship between the two, as the book does a fast forward over the next year. The ending is happy, but leaves it open for continuation. I would definitely pick up another installment to see how Sam and Liam's relationship progresses once they are actually permanently together on the same continent.