Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) - S.J.D. Peterson These books have totally sucked me in. Sexy ranchers and angst out my eyeballs. It's almost like a soap opera where the one character you like in the beginning, you start to hate around the middle.

The lives of Quinn, Lorcan and Jess are turned upside down in this one as Lorcan and Jess return to town a year after they left, in order to take over Jess's family ranch. Quinn has found an outlet for dealing with the pain of Lorcan's leaving him, but he has never really dealt with it. Jess is willing to take whatever Lorcan can give him knowing that Lorcan wil always love Quinn, and Lorcan is dreading the returning Pegasus and facing Quinn after refusing all of Quinn's attempts to contact him. Events require all the characters to reevaluate where they are and where they want to be and come to terms with the way their actions have affected those around them.

I'm almost afraid of what's in store for the next one. I don't think Ty is going to handle things very well.