Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov This review is for the full work Dark Soul 1-5.

There were a lot of things I loved and a few things I had problems with. Aleksandr Voinov's writing always draws me in and goes places I don't expect. Some volumes worked better than others, but overall it is a good story.

The characters were wonderful. Silvio is so messed up and broken yet so strong,looking to belong, I loved him. Donata is level headed and thinks for herself and thankfully not written as a harpie. Stefano is a hot mess. I felt for him a bit, but as time went on I wound up really not liking the way he treated Silvio as much as he professed that he cared so much for Silvio he always treated him as a side fling and not as important as Donata, leaving him without a word was worse than when Falchi pushed Silvio out and in the last scene when Silvio had the gun to his head, I really did not know which way it would go and which way I wanted it to go. Silvio's extended family was also very interesting. I wish I had a little more there.

At times the flow of the story was too choppy and it seemed like things were resolved way too easily in the last volume for what was a complex story. I also wanted some more about what made Silvio the way he was (other than the bit of information about his mental status we get towards the end).