When Love Takes Over - Jacob Z. Flores Zach Kelly needs to find himself. Dumped by his boyfriend of 3 years, struggling with a writing career that has stalled, Zach makes the impulsive decision to spend a week in Provincetown, MA, a paradise for gay men. Zach is clumsy and with a low opinion of himself he has turned into a self-described doormat and has spent a good part of his life trying to change to conform to what others wanted him to be, pushing down his own urges and desires.

Van Pierce aka Hart Throb is a power bottom porn star, and currently the hottest commodity his studio has. Tired of being used by the men he loved, he turned to porn so he could have his sex the way he wanted it without the dangers of falling for someone. When Zach accidentally stumbles into his life, having no clue who Hart Throb is, Van is instantly attracted to not just the hot mess Zach outwardly is, but to something he sees inside.

Set in a town where pleasure knows no limits, the men find themselves struggling to accept what is happening between them as more than just sex. A few days after meeting, the two share a hot hot hot 48-hour "non-date", but the reality of Zach eventually leaving P-town hits them both and things get ugly. Zach decides that he can't possible leave P-town more devastated and alone then when he got there.

This was my first Jacob Flores book but definitely won't be my last. The book was very well written and both the characters and the setting came to life for me. The juxtaposition of what turns out to be quite an emotional story, on the backdrop of a hedonistic atmosphere really worked. There was a lot of humor to balance out the more serious turns, and the sex was crazy hot. While the whole story takes place in the course of the week, it did not read as unbelievable insta-love.

The secondary characters were vivid and entertaining and I am looking forward to continuing with the Provincetown Series.