Stranded - Andrew  Grey Stranded is an enjoyable mystery/suspense story. Kendall is an established Broadway actor who signs on for his first movie role that will take him to LA for a few months. His longtime partner Jimmy, an author, will remain in NY. Kendall is aware that their relationship has been in a rough patch for a while now, but still loves Jimmy and wants to work things out, hoping his fears that Jimmy is having an affair are wrong.

After several weeks away, Kendall begins getting unwanted anonymous attention when roses and notes begin showing up in his dressing room and locked car. As the incidents escalate his concern over his relationship grows as Jimmy keeps making excuses for not visiting and seemingly brushes off his stalker fears. When his unwanted admirer finally makes a move that leaves Kendall's life in danger, he begins to question everything about what he has with Jimmy and wonders if he just might be the person behind all of this.

The story is told from Kendall's POV and see his and Jimmy's relationship through a series of flashbacks, from their first meeting to the present time. I really had no idea where the relationship was going to wind up for most of the book. The mystery was well done, and kept me guessing as to who the bad guy was. A well written, quick read, with a different tone from other Andrew Grey books I have read.