An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars.

I really enjoyed the story of Leo and Alex. Leo is an experienced Dom who 2 years ago suffered the death of his longtime lover and sub. Since then, he has not had a relationship or participated much in the scene, although his is co-owner of a BDSM club. Alex is fresh out of university, back living with his family and working as a waiter while trying to save money for his own place. Although Alex is inexperienced he is drawn to the BDSM lifestyle. When Leo and Alex first see each other at the restaurant there is an instant attraction. Alex, however, has little self-confidence and can barely make eye contact with the man.

Alex and Leo begin a relationship, but Leo chooses to hide his involvement in the BDSM lifestyle, fearing it would send Alex running. Of course, it all has to come out at some time. Alex's family dynamics play another big part in the growing relationship between the two.

All in all this was a good story, seen through alternating viewpoints, of Alex's introduction to the BDSM lifestyle and Leo's need to take care of Alex. The fact that the couple starts off as lovers before bringing the BDSM element into the relationship was a big plus for me. The story is well written and contains a lot of sex scenes both vanilla and not. Good secondary characters including Leo's business partner Thomas, and couple Miles and Pietro set up a good cast for future stories.