Beyond Duty - S.J.D. Peterson Review of the full length novel[b:Beyond Duty|18047049|Beyond Duty (A Mac & Gunny Novel)|S.J.D. Peterson||25756334] based upon Jo Peterson's short story [b:Beyond Duty|14927724|Beyond Duty (Short story)|S.J.D. Peterson||20581956]. There is no need to have read the short before reading this book.

When we got our first glimpse of Mac and Gunny in the short story, it was from Gunny's POV. This full length story takes what started there and runs with it. We get the story from both Gunny and Mac's perspectives. It starts on the eve of their retirement from the Marines after 20 plus years of service during the era of Don't Ask Don't Tell. It also happens to be the day Pres. Obama announces the repeal of that law. We follow the men as they try to adjust to their new life together outside of the service, a life where they will no longer be bound to hide what they are to each other.

The love these two bad ass Marines share is beautiful and they support each other unconditionally. Their chemistry is off the charts hot and their banter is laugh out loud funny. Even though the two men have been together exclusively for the past 10 years, not having been able to spend long periods of time together during their tenure in the service they are really starting their life together and discovering new aspects of their relationship (Gunny never knew Mac was such a cuddler). A lot of the story centers around making a decision about coming out. While their families know they are the best of friends, they have never been open about their sexuality. Mac is all for coming out and making a statement at their retirement ceremony, while Gunny, who already has a strained relationship with his family, is not so sure.

There is a D/s relationship between the men in the bedroom, but that is not the main part of their relationship and I don't think anyone wondering about reading the book for that issue should be put off. There are some hints that Gunny would like to explore his kinks a bit further but there is nothing hardcore about the BDSM aspects of the book.

There is a lot that happens at the end of the book and a few threads that are put out there and left open (hopefully for another book!). While I found the last interaction between Gunny and his family to be a bit rushed, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the book wrapped up. I would love to see another book about these men.