Honor C - C. Zampa 4.5 stars What a beautiful and heart-wrenching book.

Eleven years ago, Honor broke Jorge's heart when he slammed the closet door and ended their relationship so that he could pursue Becky and live the way he was supposed to since, after all, he wasn't gay. Rather than stay and watch his lover's charade Jorge leaves town.

When they meet again, Honor and Becky are married and have a 6 year old son, whose dance teacher is none other than Jorge. For the past 11 years, Honor has remained true to Becky, who he loves, and has quashed any feelings for other men that he may have. Jorge has never fallen out of love with Honor and has never been able to have a serious relationship since. Now that they are back in each other's lives, Honor has to face his long denial of who he really is and make some hard decisions about his future. It is angsty and heartbreaking to watch relationships torn apart and rebuilt as Honor tries to come to grips with his sexuality and how to keep all these important people as a part of his life.

The story is told in alternating points of view from Honor, Jorge and Becky (there is also a brief m/f sex scene between Honor and Becky). The fact that we get to hear Becky's internal monologue helps to keep her from being the shrew she would have come off as otherwise. The HFN ending left me wanting more of Honor and Jorge. Well worth a read.