Billy's Bones

Billy's Bones - Jamie Fessenden

4.5 stars

This was a gripping story. More psychological suspense than outright romance, but I loved the build up of Tom and Kevin's unconventional relationship.

Psychologist Tom first meets Kevin shortly after Kevin is released from the hospital after a suicide attempt. They have one counseling session and Kevin never returns. Three years later the men meet again when Tom hires Kevin to fix the hot tub in the house he has just moved into. The two men begin a friendship that soon blurs into something else. Outwardly straight Kevin, however, has issues that have never been addressed and is averse to being touched or having sex, but is very outgoing when it comes to talking about sex or being naked around Tom even after being told that Tom is gay. 

As much as Kevin would like him to, Tom cannot separate the psychologist side of himself and yearns to help Kevin get to the root of his problems. This starts a roller coaster ride of emotions and unlocks decades old memories that hint at a horrifying past. The story is mostly told from Tom's point of view and when we finally get into Kevin's head at a crucial point in the plot it is heart wrenching and disturbing.

The writing and characterizations grabbed me from the start and the pacing was good. I loved the relationship between the two men. Tom struggles with his inability to help Kevin as he falls deeper into the relationship. Kevin yearns for a relationship but is afraid that his issues, including his inability to be physical, will quickly drive Tom away. The situation felt real to me and there is a HEA, but there is no miracle cure. I highly recommend this if you are in the mood for a serious read and look forward to reading more of Jamie Fessenden's books.