Attachment Strings - Chris T. Kat Detective Jeff Woods is a closeted cop in Atlantic City, NJ. He and his partner are assigned to investigate threats received by the mayor's daughter against her disabled child. While investigating other incidents at the child's school, it becomes clear that both Jeff and his partner have some prejudices and are uncomfortable around these children and their families. Jeff realizes and is disgusted by his feelings, but can't help the way he feels.

Jeff meets Alex at a club one night while out looking for a one night stand. Young and pretty, cocky and forward Alex is not Jeff's usual type but their one night leaves Jeff realizing how lonely he is and wanting more, but a second night together ends abruptly with Jeff walking out on Alex.

While the investigation becomes more serious, Jeff is forced to face his prejudice in a way he never imagined. His partner also throws a few curve balls his way all making for an interesting and entertaining story.

Alex and Jeff have good chemistry and I really enjoyed the banter between the two. His partner Parker has an interesting social life that Jeff can't quite figure out, but looks like it will play a part in future installments. While the whodunit wasn't that hard to figure out, the investigation aspects of the story worked as well. The ending left me looking forward to more books in the series with a lot of ground for the characters still to cover.