City of Soldiers - Sam Burke I had a hard time with this book. I was really pulled in by the blurb, and expected this to have a lot of what I look for in a book, great mystery, BDSM, men with military backgrounds and hurt/comfort. While all of these things were represented, other than with the mystery, I was left dissatisfied. There were a lot of threads introduced, but most were left hanging.

The two MC's, Sean and Roman, both left the service with disabling injuries, Sean a bad knee and Roman a brain injury that causes memory loss and debilitating migraines. The other supporting characters are also disabled veterans and one police officer, Michael Brackett, who has a kink for tying men up with their clothes on and relationships to varying degrees with Roman, Sean and Kristian, another one of the vets. Some of the vets live underground or in shelters. They do volunteer to assist other homeless vets and now someone is killing those men.

The book dragged at first, but the asexual Roman was intriguing enough to keep me reading. He wants a loving relationship without the sex, but nobody seems to understand that including his best friend "Hoss" and Brackett. He wants to try with Sean and Sean wants him, but cannot fathom not having sex. I appreciated getting both Roman an Sean's POV. There is also the mystical Delphi water that the vets drink to seemingly temporarily relieve their injuries (which to me this really had no bearing on the story and I was not really sure how it fit in).

The mystery was good and had me guessing through most of the book. The plight of the returning disabled vets was also extremely well portrayed. The relationships between the men is where the book failed for me. None of the relationships were ever resolved and others were vaguely defined. Roman's asexuality and the growing relationship with Sean was something that I wanted to see fully explored. Overall the book just didn't come together as a satisfying story.