The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood - Rachel Haimowitz,  Heidi Belleau Rachel and Heidi broke me with this episode. Brilliantly twisted, this episode brought out so many emotions. The authors drew me in so well, by the end I could feel the despair and hopelessness in the pit of my stomach.

That evil puppet master Nikolai has come up with a horrifyingly brilliant plan to ensure the bonds between Mat and Dougie are broken and it hinges on him finally convincing Mat to let go for Dougie's own good. Just when I think there can't be anything worse in store for these two, the authors prove just how wrong I am. It is a testament of Mat's love for Dougie that he goes along with Nikolai's plan and sees it through to the end.

At this point I don't know how the authors can bring these boys back, but I'm compelled to read on.