Finding Master Right - L.A. Witt 3.5 stars

I was really looking forward to this one from Ms. Witt. While I generally enjoyed it, I wasn't thrilled with it.

The book takes place over the course of one week spent at a leather convention. Derek, a Sub, and Chase, a Dom, are friends who are rooming together. The problem? The night before the convention, the two hooked up but Derek insisted on vanilla sex. Chase is hurt by the fact that Derek would not allow him to top him as a Dom. Chase is recently out of a long D/s relationship, that did not end well, and his former sub Ian is also at the convention.

The majority of the book is spent with Chase and Derek trying to come to terms with their own past relationships and what they want for their future together -- just friends or more? This is done with chapters alternating between Derek and Chase's points of view. The failures in their verbal communication and the playing with others did not bother me, since they were not a couple and both had to work out their own feelings and wants before attempting to move from "just friends" to a D/s relationship.

I took a half star off because of one thing I felt was missing. When the two finally get together, we do not get a scene between them. While I was satisfied that their first time was again basically vanilla, and that the collaring and I love yous, took place right away, I would have liked at least an epilogue that showed Derek being a sub to Chase in a scene. This was such a big part of the story, both having so much internal dialogue about it, that I felt cheated.