Waiting for a Prince (Island Tales #1) - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars. Another fantastic read by K.C. Wells who has fast become a favorite of mine.

Trainee hairdresser Mark is having a bad day at work when he sees his fantasy come true sitting on the couch at the salon. Sam ticks off all his boxes, other than the fact that he is there waiting for his horrible girlfriend Rebecca to finish having her hair done. After Rebecca not Becky has a hissy fit and berates Sam in front of the entire salon Sam leaves, but Mark can't stop thinking about him.

During a chance meeting between Mark and Sam at the beach, they discover they have a lot in common, including a shared past. Mark realizes that while Sam may not be suited to be a boyfriend, he may have just found a new best friend. As they become closer, it becomes clear that Rebecca is a sore subject, so Mark tries not to pry, although he has some concerns based upon growing up in a household where his mother was abusive towards his father.

One night out drinking and talking Sam becomes aware that he is Mark's walking, talking dream man. It doesn't sit well with Sam who storms off, leaving Mark devastated at the loss of his friendship, but, the real reason behind Sam's departure will change things between them for good.

This was different from the author's previous books in that there was a nice, slow build between the two men, who have nothing more than a friendship for the majority of the story. What was not different was the way she again handles difficult subjects such as abuse and homophobia with such emotion and understanding.