Special Forces - Soldiers - Directors Cut (Special Forces, #1) - Marquesate,  Aleksandr Voinov,  Vashtan I don't like war novels, but this has so many good reviews. I did put off reading this for quite a while and really, almost stopped after the first chapter. As horrifying as a good portion of this book is, it pulled me in and I was a teary mess by the end. A couple that by any stretch of the imagination should not work, and I should not want to work, sucked me in and had me so emotionally invested in their relationship I could not stop reading.

This book is the 1st of 4 parts. Epic and intense, as good as this book is, it's definitely not for the faint of heart with a brutal rape scene, murder, genocide, torture and lots of other violence. Yet there are moments between Dan & Vadim that are just so sweet and tender I couldn't help but smile.

Highly recommend this book.