Admit One - Jenna Hilary Sinclair This book was not an easy read. Tom is a deeply closeted teacher at a west Texas HS. It was so difficult being in Tom's head while he pushes away Kevin and the possibility of living a life he has always wanted.

Tom is not confused about his sexuality and we get small glimpses of his college relationship with Sean, the last true relationship he had before meeting Kevin as a potential one night stand. We know Tom went through something involving Sean, and that the relationship did not end well. It is not until 3/4 of the way through the book that we get the full story and are able to understand what has made Tom live the way he does. Kevin has a lot of patience and an unyielding belief that Tom can and deserves to be happy.

This is a well written book with the underlying plot of the town objecting to the HS production of Rent giving Tom some perspective on his own hopes and fears.