Deliver Us - Lynn Kelling I am not sure what to say about this book. I picked it up knowing there was going to be a crossover coming with the outstanding [b:Don't...|17278748|Don't...|Jack L. Pyke||22593472] but other than that, did not know much about it. This book pushed my comfort zone, and was far from perfect. There was so much that should not have worked for me, yet I could not stop reading it.

The premise, Darrek a straight man has a first brutal BDSM session with two male doms, including Gabe, and what follows is insta-love and becoming a submissive in a gay D/s relationship. The secondary characters include Darrek's best friend Kyle, who suggested the BDSM session to Darrek, and Gabe's friend Ben, another Dom, have their own connection. Darrek and Gabe, especially, both have serious issues that affect the nature of their relationship. In fact, nobody in this book is emotionally or psychologically stable. There are A LOT of hard BDSM sex scenes in this book that definitely had me squeamish at times, but there was also a real sweetness in the MC's relationship that kept me reading.

I will definitely pick up the next book, which will focus on Kyle and Ben.