Heller's Decision (Heller, #5) - J.D. Nixon With Heller's Decision, JD Nixon has given us another fun installment to the Heller series. Glad to see this one was a little lighter in tone, although Tilly still suffers through every job she has.

Trouble magnet Tilly is still on suspension from Heller's and working for Trent, but that employment status is getting shakier by the day. Her relationship with Heller is still confusing but they seem to be solid together. Some of her crazy adventures in this one include rescuing a monkey hopped up on an energy drink, tagging along with husband and wife porn stars and crusaders during a convention, doing battle with the dark lord Malefic and another run in with the men of Select Security.

Heller is still an uber alpha maile and as sexy, possessive and mysterious as ever. We don't learn much more about who he is or where he comes from and I'm not sure we ever will. He is also still completely clueless about how to act as far as his relationship with Tilly goes (which makes for another fun day spent with Tilly's family). We also are get a little glimpse at how Daniel is recovering, and spend time with Farrell, Niq, Bick and Tilly's family.

There is no cliffhanger ending, but there are plenty of storylines left to follow. I am looking forward to the next installment.