Dirty Laundry (Tucker Springs, #3) - Heidi Cullinan This book was so much more than I expected coming from the description. While I have read Second Hand (TS #2), this book was in a different league (note that this can be read stand alone).

We are briefly introduced to Denver in Second Hand as El's best friend and the heavily muscled bouncer at the local gay club who enjoys the benefits of that job, all the twinks and college boys he wants. He encounters Adam at the laundromat, and intervenes as Adam is being harassed by a group of drunken frat boys. Adam shows Denver his appreciation and Denver gives Adam his number.

Adam is suffering from severe OCD and anxiety and has just moved out of his shared house to his own apartment after the end a relationship with his housemate. That relationship has really done a number on Adam's head yet thanks to school, he is still having to put up with his ex.

A lot of time is spent dealing with Adam's mental illness and Adam's belief that he can never have a relationship as a result of it. Denver, however finds the quirks an endearing part of Adam and will do anything to convince him that he will not be easy to get rid of. While I was surprised at the BDSM element, it was fairly mild. The fact that Denver is so sweet with Adam actually had me tearing up in few spots.

Another great secondary character is Adam's newfound friend Louisa, who also helps Adam navigate his relationships with Denver and his ex Brad. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves a good M/M romance.